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Are you selling or have you sold your second home?

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Tax payment could be due within 60 days.

We can calculate the tax and complete the return on your behalf.

We also provide landlords and property owners with advice on:


At Streets Andrew Wright, we have an in-depth understanding of the taxation issues affecting landlords and property owners.

Regardless of whether you’re investing in buy-to-let property or deconstructing the rules in regard to stamp duty land tax (SDLT), we can help you to make sense of the regulations and limitations.

Our expert team will work alongside you to make the most of tax reliefs and allowances available to you, in order to minimise your tax liability.

Please contact our team for more information.

Property investment

There are two ways to invest in properties: you can buy a property to rent it out, or buy a property to sell it on again for a profit. At Streets Andrew Wright, we can help you plan for either of these situations.

As a property investor, there are a number of key issues to consider, which we can help with.

The experts here at Streets Andrew Wright can assist you in minimising your liability to income tax on rents received; calculating the income tax due after having deducted any allowable expenses; and considering how the latest legislative changes may affect your finances.

We will review all the reliefs that you may be eligible for, such as those that enable landlords of residential dwellings to deduct the costs incurred from replacing furnishings, appliances and kitchenware in their property.

If you are looking to invest in a buy-to-let property and require sound and effective tax planning and advice, contact us today.

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